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How It Works

The ELEVATE PRO STYLER is your best friend and THE TOOL when it comes to achieving high volume hair that used to be reserved for salon visits only!

Now you can get super easy results right at home without much time, fuss or the need for products (unless you have a fave you just can’t live without! We are not here to break up any love stories… You may find you need less though, which is a good thing!)

And there’s more great news. Your volume can last from one wash to the next. Just give your hair a bit of a zhuzh with your fingers on the days after you ELEVATE, and pump the air back into your hair!

There is no need for backcombing and teasing or any other damaging techniques. It’s as easy as holding the hot brush over a section of hair at the roots, and literally with the click of a button, letting the ELEVATE do its magic in just a few seconds!

Hey presto – you’ve just been ELEVATED! Now all you have to do is repeat the process as much or as little as you want. Take sections all over the crown, or just take a few – the power is in your hands.

It’s the easiest way to get and keep that elusive volume for days.

Step 1

Plug your device into a proper outlet and press the ON button. Make sure that the voltage is suitable for the device, and always place the tool on a stable heat proof surface.

Step 2

Select your temperature of choice – Sharon recommends 140°C for delicate, fine, coloured or brittle hair. 160°C for normal hair, and 180°C for thick, wavy, or curly hair. But you know your hair best!

Step 3

Using your fingers or a sectioning comb, place a small section of hair between the teeth of the brush, near the roots, taking care not to touch the scalp. Press the thumb handle down and hold for a few seconds. For less volume or fine hair, choose a shorter hold time (average 5 - 8 seconds). For more volume or thicker hair, choose a longer hold time (average 8 -12 seconds).

Step 4

Then just repeat the exact same process moving around your head, taking sections at a time. It’s up to you whether you add a little volume over less sections, or a lot, over more! On days when you have next to no time, a few sections at the front on each side will do the trick.

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